Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

  1. How do I know if there is an Ornish program site near me?

    Click here to see if there are sites near you

  2. How do I contact someone if I want more information?

    You can either call (877) 888-3091 or contact us here

  3. I checked the Ornish program site directory and there is not a site near me? How can I stay updated if a program site opens up in my area?

    To stay up to date on the program, we encourage you to sign up for Ornish Living here.

  4. I am currently a participant in the program and need a password reset. How do I do that?

    Click on “Empower Login” on the upper right of your screen. Once at the Empower Home page, click the blue “Login” button. At the login page, click on “Lost Password?” then enter your email address. You will receive a temporary password shortly.

  5. What internet browsers are supported?

    The site is optimized for Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox 3.0 and above, Safari 4.0 and above, and Chrome 4.0 and above.

  6. Can I view this on my tablet and phone?

    The site can be viewed on most major smart phones and tablets.

Guided Tours

  • Baseline Assessment Guided Tour

  • Post-72-hours Assessment Guided Tour